I believe that Purpose is a word that describe what Eaglecom is all about.

Welcome to the 2019/2020 television broadcast year. This is the beginning of a brand new season for the industry and for us here at Eaglecom.

What an exciting time for Eaglecom as we welcome new friends to the team, embrace new services, explore and develop new ways of connecting with and touching people’s hearts for the needs of others.

I want to tell a brief story about Josimar. And then I want to reveal the new Eaglecom Vision Statement and Tagline.

But first, Josimar. A few weeks ago, a few of us travelled to Memphis for the St. Jude Quarterly Business Review. My car was giving me some trouble so I decided to Uber to the airport. When I was ready to go, I went on my Uber app and was looking at my options. I usually take Uber X, because it is the most cost effective way to go. But this time, I noticed another option – Uber Comfort. It was about $10 more to get to the airport so I decided to try it. A few minutes later a black BMW X3 pulled up. I got in the back seat, noticing the car was immaculately clean, and was immediately welcomed by a very friendly man who said “Welcome to your Uber Comfort ride, my name is Josimar”.

Josimar and I immediately started chatting. He is from southern Brazil. He is 55 years old and is married with a son, both of whom still live in Brazil. Josimar works for the Brazilian Consulate in Toronto and, as he says, he’s the lowest person there – the assistant to the assistant. He works at the Consulate from 9-5, so from 6-9am and again from 6-9pm he drives his Uber Comfort. And again all day Saturday. I commented on how hard he works and he smiled and said that working all the time meant he didn’t have time to spend his money.

Josimar has lived in Canada for 9 years. He has bought and paid for his downtown condo. He has paid for his BMW “comfort ride”. He sends money home each month and has helped expand their family farm. He recently invested in solar panels that are installed in one of their fields in Brazil that supply all the electrical needs to their farm, their relatives, and local neighbours. And they sell the remainder of the electrical power back to the grid to earn money.

He talked about loving his busy work life, about how he has been able to help family, friends and neighbours in his community. He says he wants to keep working so he can keep doing good things.

Why? Because as we agreed, he has Purpose and Meaning in his life. And he loves it.

I believe that Purpose is a word that describe what Eaglecom is all about. I also believe that one of the greatest gifts we can receive is to be given an opportunity in life to have purpose. As a company, and as individuals here, we have purpose and meaning in what we do everyday.

And now our new Vision Statement.

For many years now we have talked about our Eaglecom core values. Those 5 key words that describe us and those things important to us: Passion, Service, Excellence, Integrity, Respect. I still believe strongly in these core values and want them to go before us each day as we go about our efforts to engage viewers, raise money, fund programs and save lives.

But I decided this year that I wanted a statement that described us more wholly. Something that encompasses our purpose and our meaning. Something that describes what we do, what we believe, who we are, what our values are, what our culture is and why we exist. And a tagline that – in a few words – describes what we do and what we offer as a company.

Here it is:

Inspiring Compassion, Commitment and Giving

At Eaglecom we believe in a world without suffering.

We believe in serving our life-saving and life-changing charitable partners.

We believe in engaging viewing audiences, elevating a collective awareness of the needs of others, and inspiring compassion, commitment and giving.

We believe in a staff team that is skilled, dedicated and mission driven.

We believe in a culture that encourages, empowers and inspires.

We believe in our core values – passion, service, excellence, integrity and respect.

We believe we are on this journey together. We have purpose. We are making a positive, lasting difference.

We believe that, together, we can relieve suffering and save lives.