I decided after 30 years of Eaglecom to attempt to articulate my leadership philosophy – or maybe it’s my life philosophy.  Let’s call it my life leadership philosophy.

I have tried to apply this philosophy to my leadership and to the culture here at Eaglecom over the years.

Sometimes, hopefully more than not, I have been successful. Sometimes I have not. But I will keep trying to be the best leader I can.

And Eaglecom will not waiver from our foundation or principles.

My Life Leadership Philosophy

Communicate our vision and ignite with passion.
Lead with courage and risk with caution.
Listen with empathy and speak with transparency.
Grow with discipline and communicate with clarity.
Innovate thoughtfully and learn from mistakes.
Strive for excellence but not perfection.
Hire carefully.
Build relationships.
Respect diversity.
Live with integrity.
Inspire and be inspired.
Be Focused and Decisive.
Be Responsible.
Be Humble.
Be Compassionate.
Be Authentic.
Have Faith and Believe.
Be the best in the world at what we do and never stop fighting to relieve suffering and injustice.