Dear Eaglecom friends,

I recently read a story similar to this, and it reminded me of my own childhood experience.

Growing up, whenever we took road trips as a family, Mom and Dad were in the front seat and my two sisters and I were in the back. I always wanted to sit right behind my Dad who was driving. Imagining myself doing the driving one day.

We would start off with great anticipation and excitement, but not too long into the trip two questions would quickly dominate the conversation:

  1. Are we there yet?
  2. When will we get there?

I can still here my Mom saying “we will get there, when we get there.” Followed by “look out the window and enjoy the ride”.  I have no doubt that for many of you, road trips as a kid were very similar.

We are all asking: Are we there yet? When will we get there?

I feel like we are in that same place right now in society – in the world. We are all asking: Are we there yet? When will we get there?

The answer is no and I don’t know when. While there are hints at the gradual re-opening of society soon, we don’t really know when. Or how. Or what it will look like. Uncertainty is all around us.

And maybe my Mom’s advice is exactly what we should be listening to right now. Look out the window (literally and figuratively) and enjoy the ride. It’s not all enjoyable of course – there are restrictions, frustrations, worries and concerns. Many have become very sick and too many have passed away. Countless others are out of work and concerned about their financial situation.

So, I’m not making light of the serious nature of this, but the truth is we don’t know when, so maybe we should appreciate many of the changes forced on us – the quiet time, family time, home time, no commute time. Maybe we should reflect on what is important and what changes we may want to make in our personal and work lives. Let’s be thankful for the positive impact this is having on the environment. And let’s reconsider how we source our food and how, in the process, we treat other living creatures.

I’m looking forward to getting there. I’m looking forward to having many of my freedoms back and I look forward to seeing all of you in person again soon.

But for now, let’s look out the window, enjoy the ride, and reconsider what is really important.

Be safe and healthy,