Dear Friends,

For many years to come, indeed the rest of our lives, we will always remember April 2020. It will be a part of your life story and you will share it with friends, loved ones and future generations. You will remember how old you were, where you worked, where you lived, who your friends were, what family members you lived with. It will be a defining memory that unites our whole world.

Never has the world shut it’s doors so quickly. So dramatically.

In a matter of weeks, the COVID-19 virus has shut down the world as we know it. Borders, regions, communities, companies, travel, stores, sporting and music events, even parks and cemeteries. Never has the world shut it’s doors so quickly. So dramatically.

We are about to enter the worst period of this deadly virus. There has been suffering and tragedy already, but now we look ahead in fearful anticipation, knowing it will get much worse before it gets better. In April we will see greater numbers of people infected and many more, sadly, will die. Medical and healthcare supplies will run dangerously low, healthcare workers will get sick. The news will be important to follow, but it will be unsettling at best and terrifying at its worst. In the dark days ahead, fear, anxiety and isolation will surround us. We may feel alone. But we are not alone. Stay strong friends.

After April, comes May and then June, July and August. Days will get warmer, people will heal, fewer will be infected and the world will begin to open again.

Humans are strong, resilient, determined. We have a resolve for solving devastating problems, fighting enemies and finding solutions. And we have a deep passion for helping others in need. I know that because I have spent my entire life’s work engaging people with messages of need, suffering and hope, and watching as perfect strangers give sacrificially and compassionately to help people and animals in need. And, as citizens of the world, we will do it again now. Community by community, country by country, we will heal. Thanks to the hard work and talents of others we will find a vaccine. And because people like you and I care and give, others in need will be helped. And the world will move forward.

What is this isolation time giving us? What is this isolation time teaching us? I believe that we have been given an opportunity to re-evaluate our lives, our relationships, our purpose. We are all living more simply, more sustainably, more calmly. Gone are the frantic days, hectic schedules, and racing from one thing to another. Do we want it all back? Or is this our chance to reconsider what really matters – to us, to our loved ones and community, to our planet and all living species. What matters? What is important?

What brings joy and meaning to your life?

Wherever you are in your life journey, consider this a time to reflect, or read, or meditate, or pray, or fast, or think deeply. What brings joy and meaning to your life?

Human beings are deeply social animals. We thrive on connection, touch and interaction. And I miss it immensely. I love getting my coffee in the morning where the barista knows my order before I say it, I love chatting with the guys at the salad bar take-out at lunch, I love saying good morning to the crossing guard at our busy corner, I love the spontaneous, fun conversations with staff and client friends. And I love meeting Carol, and sometimes my children, at the pub after work on Fridays. We can’t do that right now. I miss it.

But because I care about you, I will stay away from you.
Because I’m concerned about you, I will stay away from you.
Because I love you, I will stay away from you.
Because I can’t wait to see you, I will stay away from you.

But just for now. We will all be together again soon.

I will see you then,